algorithm – by Yubo 'Paul' Yang

Gibbs Sampling

Blog of Feeling Responsive The basic Gibbs sampler samples a joint probability distribution one variable at a time. Each random variable is sampled from its full conditional probability distribution with all other variables fixed. Independent variables can be sampled simultaneously, making the Gibbs sampler ideal for the restricted Boltzmann machine. Read More ›

algorithm – by Eli Chertkov

Belief Propagation

Blog of Feeling Responsive Belief Propagation is a powerful message-passing algorithm at the heart of some of the most effective error-correcting coding schemes currently in use. Read More ›

algorithm – by Brian Busemeyer

Cellular Automaton

Blog of Feeling Responsive Cellular automata are simplified simulations that attempt to capture interesting large-scale behavior, even as the microscopics are artificial, on the basis of a few well-chosen local rules. Read More ›

algorithm – by Juha Tiihonen

Automatic focusing of cameras

Blog of Feeling Responsive Autofocus is an essential feature in any optical imaging devices, such as cameras or microscopes. We go through the most common approaches for finding the optimal focus distance and demonstrate focus classification with several digital focus functions. Read More ›

algorithm – by Will Wheeler

Feedback Control

Blog of Feeling Responsive Rule the world with linear algebra. Read More ›